'It’s his too, Maya! What if he wants it? What if?' The little voice buzzed in my head, and just when I was about to turn away and run out of the clinic, my name was called.
Sixteen-year-old, Maya Rockwell, has it all: a new set of wheels, straight-A grades, and Alex, a hotter than Hades boyfriend with the personality of an angel.
When her best friend kicks off the biggest party of the school season, Maya and Alex jump at the invite for some innocent fun, certainly not the drugs and predatory older crowd they confront.
Maya barely escapes with her life: hers and another new one. Alone and afraid, Maya seeks answers, but a single terrifying moment opens her eyes... and she can no longer pretend to be ignorant. Will Maya brave the storm of negative publicity and peer pressure to do the right thing?
WARNING: This is a mature YA. Contains descriptive scenes not suitable for younger audiences.
>>"A sweet romance ... delves into controversial topics in a tasteful and convincing manner.- Rachelle Ayala, Author
>>"I HIGHLY recommend ALL Young Adults read this book, including the guys!"- LaurieHere- Contemporary Fiction and MORE - Book Reviews
>>"I recommend this book to every woman out there. This book is amazing!" - Wanda - Good Choice Reading - Book Reviews
>>"I was at the same crossroads as Maya, so I could relate with her completely." - Brandi Pletcher, Reader

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