Thursday, November 8, 2012

Of Love and Deception


Two years after escaping the duplicitous and sadistic Blake Sheldon, Daniella Kurtz' life is finally back on track. With a damn hot boyfriend, Cruz Canton, who showers her with kisses and gifts, she knew she was on the road to her happily ever after.

During a whirlwind romance, Cruz introduces Daniella to his longtime friends, Meg and Falcon Landers. The foursome become best buddies, almost like family, until a bittersweet moment changes everything.

Concealing her doubts, Daniella is desperate to conceive a child for Cruz. She turns to Meg and Falcon’s fertility clinic for help. Good news and happy moments are short lived when love, lies and jealousy mix with her past, and raise suspicion. Cruz withdraws emotionally and physically, leaving Daniella fearful, confused, and alone.

Daniella seeks answers, but the deeper she digs, the darker the secrets. Deception and devastation envelop her. Alone and fighting for the truth, and her life, she must confront the ultimate question: Whose child is she carrying? And will she live to find out? 
~Prologue and chapter 1 available at: (click on banner)



WARNING: Adult Romatic suspense. Language and mature content not suitable for readers under 18.


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