Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Super Excited for this Author's debut novel to be released this spring!

Coming Spring 2012...
Michal, King David's first wife, competes with his kingdom while fighting temptation to gain his true love.

Who wouldn’t want to be a princess married to the hero of the kingdom? Michal is one lucky gal. The daughter of King Saul, she gets everything she wants, including the young, handsome David who kills the giant, Goliath.

But in one terrifying moment, Michal loses David by saving him from her jealous father. With David’s parting promise in her heart, she awaits his return.

When he finally sends for her, David has become the king with a large harem of women. Michal’s jealousy spirals out of control when she rebukes David, the man after God’s own heart.

Alone and abandoned, she fights her attraction to a dashing Philistine warrior while struggling to place her trust in God. When David is broken by the weight of his sins, Michal turns away from him.

David's devotion to God causes him to make a decision that destroys Michal's family as well as his own heart. Can Michal recall her first love and accept David with all his faults and weaknesses?

Michal’s Window is story of betrayal, forbidden love, and redemption. A work of fiction, it retells the tumultuous life of King David through the eyes of the woman who loved him first.


He finished and handed the harp to me, the frame still vibrating. His fingers toyed with my hair, and his warm breath caressed my face. His mouth drew near, eyes intent, seeking permission. Hesitant, my lips parted. Curious, my eyes closed. And his lips brushed the corners of my mouth, an invitation to taste, to touch, to hold. I accepted, and held my breath as his tongue slipped over mine. A flurry of tingles heated my face and trailed down to my toes. I clutched the harp, and I couldn’t move. Everything was possible, and the world was mine, and life was glorious. And at the center of it all was David.


Carole Anne Carr said...

Sounds lovely, wish I had time to leave my chn's fiction and write for grown-ups, but have three sequels to complete. Very envious.

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